10 genera of clouds

I’ve learned 10 genera of clouds in recent days.
It is interesting but it’s not easy. When I raise my head to see the sky I can’t name any of the clouds I see.

Cirrus, Ci
Cirrostratus, Cs
Cirrocumulus, Cc

Altostratus, As
Altocumulus, Ac

Stratus, St
Stratocumulus, Sc
Nimbostratus, Ns

Cumulus, Cu
Cumulonimbus, Cb

I have some files sealed

A couple of years ago I had some files that I though I would never want to see them again. I knew to delete them is a simpler way to do it. However, as a scrupulous person, I preferred to seal them instead of just deleting them. I used multiple way to sealed them, imaging someday I wouldn’t be able to open them.

Here comes the day, even though I’ve found the ways I sealed them at the first place, I still can’t open them. I don’t know now I should be happy for the success of past effort or be upset for being not able to do what I want to do now.